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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Andy Samberg = Good SNL

Without Samberg, I don't know... anyway, here are some skits you may/may not have seen. Classic. I'm on vacation. Don't forget to order your Martian Press chapbooks (see below). Enjoy the holidays if you celebrate them. If you don't, pretend so you can get off work.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New MARTIAN PRESS Chapbooks!

I am very pleased to announce SIX new(ish) MARTIAN PRESS chapbooks:

Aberrant Lounges by Kimmy Beach
on stealing lips by Lars Palm
acts of barbarity and vandalism by Daniel Tysdal
Document 1 by kevin mcpherson eckhoff
Of Quixote’s Lap by ryan fitzpatrick
generations by rob mclennan

Some of these have been out for a while but I haven't had time to promote them, and others just came out. If you want to know anything about the books, ask me. If you want to know anything about the authors, Google them.

All chapbooks are $5 plus postage ($2). You can have 5 for $20, and I'll pay the postage in that case. I might even throw in something special, for free.

Just because I'm feeling generous, and in the holiday spirit.

And you can always order older books. I'll give you the same 5 for $20 deal. Older books include:

Film/making by Jonathan Ball
The Martian Press Review, Volume I
The Road to Power: Taking Control of Your Life by Barbara Berger by Aaron Mauro
oppidum by Norah Bowman
Call & Response by derek beaulieu & Jonathan Ball

If you want anything, e-mail me: JONATHAN at JONATHANBALL dot COM.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!