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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Peter Norman Prize

jonathanball.blogspot.com is proud to present THE FIRST ANNUAL PETER NORMAN PRIZE FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE REGULAR VISITORS TO THIS WEBSITE DESPITE ITS LACK OF INTEREST OR RELEVANCE TO CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY. This prize will be awarded annually to the person (or persons) who fulfill the following criteria:

1. Prizewinner(s) will be regular visitors to this website despite its lack of interest or relevance to contemporary society
2. Prizewinner(s) will work to promote this website despite its lack of interest or relevance to contemporary society
3. Prizewinner(s) may (or may not) be named Peter Norman

I am proud to honour Calgary writer PETER NORMAN as the 2007 receipient of this award. Peter is receiving this award because he fulfills all three criteria and was responsible for republishing an excerpt from this website in the print magazine AlbertaViews, despite the fact that AlbertaViews is of interest and relevance to contemporary society.

Peter may pick from a list of prizes:

- The Bathroom Book of Alberta Trivia
- a VHS screener of The Nature of Nicholas
- any of the following albums: White Pony by Deftones, deftones by Deftones, the downward spiral by Nine Inch Nails, the Alice In Chains albums Jar of Flies, Facelift, Dirt, or Unplugged, Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins, or Temple of the Dog by Temple of the Dog

Any or all of these prizes are now the property of Peter Norman, provided he continue to read this blog, notice this post, and contact me to claim his prizes.


If you would like to be in the running for the PETER NORMAN PRIZE in 2008, then drop hints to me over the course of the following year that you are, indeed, reading this blog, despite its lack of interest or relevance to contemporary society.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I'm living out the best possible answer to that ancient riddle: would you rather discover that (a) a new award had been named after you, or (b) you'd won the award? When my grandfather asked me this stumper during our fishing expeditions and oboe lessons, he never revealed that "(c) both of the above" was an option.

But come on, Mr. Ball! "No relevance to society"?! Buster Keaton? The Cremaster Cycle? Decayed pumpkins? The minimalist dancing of the girl in the "Young Folks" video? Where else will I find them all under one roof?

Finally, I should add this: a lawyer has just slipped me a note to read aloud. I will do so. "When I asked permission to publish in Alberta Views an excerpt of Jonathan Ball's blog, I had no foreknowledge whatsoever that I would later be the namesake of an award, nor that I might score an Alice in Chains CD. No bargain was struck; nor will such a bargain be struck. If you want to name a taxidermy trophy or monster truck prize after myself, you are more than welcome to do so (in fact I'd encourage it); however, such actions will not guarantee seeing print in the magazine that employs me. Thank you, good night, and please water the fern on the way out."

3:28 PM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

I would only allow a taxidermy award to be named after myself if the taxidermy had to be performed while passenger in a rampaging monster truck.

I suppose that this blog serves a small social purpose: that of spreading the word about how bad-ass Bob Saget truly is. I mean, have you seen The Aristocrats?

Peter, let me know what stuff you'd like and I'll set your prize aside for you.

7:45 PM

Blogger Pearl said...

define regular...

10:59 AM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

i define a "regular visitor" as someone who visits this site more often than i do, i.e., someone who more often than not visits the site and is cranky because i haven't updated it.

11:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small clarification: I don't get cranky if Ball doesn't update his blog.

6:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it count if I'm already cranky and it just might exacerbate? ;)

Got some lovelinesses in the mail from you. thanx.

2:30 PM

Blogger Brenda Schmidt said...

I should definitely be in the running for this award. I suppose if I want to win this honour, I should start up a magazine and republish something off this blog. I'll get right on it. How hard can it be...

7:53 AM


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