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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Some Random Things

Winnipeg artist Marcel Dzama has designed the art work for the new Beck album Guero (see www.beck.com). I heard that Dzama moved to New York recently, but Winnipeg will always own his soul. As proof, see Dzama's line of toys, the Monsters of Winnipeg Folklore.

I have been offered a scholarship by the University of Calgary and will be doing a PhD there beginning Fall 2005. I'm getting in touch with and reading books by various Calgary writers in preparation for the move. If anybody's got suggestions, drop me a line. Soon I will offer up a sample of my current/past reading list for those who might be looking for books to read. I'll also be listing a ton of items for sale in the upcoming months. I'm talking books, CDs, DVDs ... I have lots of good stuff that you may want to get your hands on. In fact, if you're looking for it, I probably have it. Drop me a line and ask.

Guy Maddin has apparently just finished shooting a feature in Seattle called Branded on the Brain. I haven't talked to Guy about this and I don't really know what the deal is. But I am sure it will be interesting. I'm helping out Solomon Nagler as Assistant Director (with various other random responsibilities) on his new short film which I think is called Fugue Nefesh. Also slowly plugging away at my own short films.


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