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Friday, September 09, 2005

wings & things

a calgary night out, attended a reading of outgoing creative MA students. readings by Brea Burton, Jason Christie, Chris Ewart, Mark Giles, and Jane Grove. all were rather interesting, particularly liked the work of Jason Christie. continue to be very impressed by Chris Ewart's work, he read from his forthcoming Lamp which was a treat. lots of meeting new people and good times, went to some place called Unicorn which wasn't the greatest bar but a good time anyway. met ryan fitzpatrick in person and received a copy of jordan scott's blert -- forgot to bring the martian press books i meant to give him as trade, will do so later.

other things occurred, as they will. i'm talking about doing some readings, maybe getting involved in dANDelion in some capacity (nothing too time-consuming though, i must keep focused this year). picked up some more books for Bok's class. the weekend will be a rather simple one, lots of roaming around my apartment, reading and unpacking boxes and writing lesson plans.

will schedule my life soon. hoping to get my phone fixed too so that i can start getting back in touch with people again.


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