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Friday, March 17, 2006

quick update

i'm too busy for a full update, but anyway... San Francisco was great, Mandy and I had a ton of fun, saw the sights, including Alcatraz and a Sausalito redwood park, also got to visit City Lights bookstore and hang out at Fisherman's Wharf quite a bit. it was jarring to see people swimming and to have fresh crab etc and walk around in a T-shirt in February. lots of fun there and also in North Battleford, visiting with Mandy, prior to going to San Fran. i'm looking forward to getting back to visit with Mandy in April/May.

right now life is a busy hell of insanity. i have so much to do it's not in the least bit funny. but it'll all get done, and then i will NEVER have to take a class again. i actually don't mind classes -- i like them, really -- but it's having things due every week that drives me crazy. very difficult to focus on any larger project when my time is getting eaten up with smaller things, hard to concentrate. speaking of larger projects, Kanada is coming along nicely (starting to grow into a decent shape) though I am not as far along as I want/need to be.

a reminder that I still have chapbooks for sale/trade. all books are $5. i have:

Film/making by Jonathan Ball
The Martian Press Review, volume I
The Road to Power by Barbara Berger by Aaron Mauro
oppidum by Norah Bowman
Call & Response by derek beaulieu and Jonathan Ball

forthcoming very soon (put your orders in now!):

generations by rob mclennan
Aberrant Lounges by Kimmy Beach
on stealing lips by Lars Palm
acts of barbarity and vandalism by Daniel Tysdal

considering other work now, will probably settle the remainder of the year's list soon. if you have any last minute submissions, get them to me before the end of the month.


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