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Friday, August 10, 2007

new stuff for you

A few new things on the horizon, namely the following. To contact me about anything, e-mail jonathan[at]jonathanball[dot]com.

dANDelion Radical Translation issue

See the post below this one for more info. I'm preparing my first issue of dANDelion as Managing Editor, and I need awesome things to publish in this issue. If you like to make awesome things, get in touch.

Opening Band

I completed a new short comedy film, called Opening Band. I'm not sure where this will be viewable yet, but of course you may be able to cajole me into letting you watch the film, or perhaps cajole me into parting with a DVD. Make me an offer. Also, if you own any distribution companies or television stations, I'm looking to sell the broadcast rights. Likewise, if you run any festivals, I want the film to screen at festivals.

New(ish) Chapbooks

I've been publishing my own work in chapbook form, mostly with other presses. It's just occurred to me that people might want to purchase such things. Here's the deal: the following chapbooks are all available from me, for $10 each. That includes postage, so it's really $8+2. But if you want both, you can have both for $15, no postage.

wolves (lone.ly) --- This was published by Bookthug and is a brief long poem with a somewhat experimental bent. A beautifully designed book, you can view it on the Bookthug site if you want to see the cover (and you can also order it from Bookthug as well).

Monsters --- This was published by Cubicle Press and is the winner of the first Cubicle Press Chapbook Contest. It's a series of poems that I describe as "unconventional lyrics" (poems that have a vague, uneasy, and threatening lyricism). I'm not aware of any way to get this book except through me or Jordan Fry in Niagara Falls.

Martian Press Sale:

I shut down the Martian Press and now I want to get rid of my back stock. So I'm putting it on the selling block: instead of the usual $5+2 per book, you can have 3 books for $10. Any books. Also, two out-of-print books were just rediscovered in small amounts: six copies of kevin mcpherson eckhoff's Document 1 and two copies of Call & Response by myself and derek beaulieu are now available... this is your last chance to get these two books, and possibly any of my books, now that the sale is on. I also accept trades, and in some cases prefer them. So, the books available, 3 for $10, are:

Jonathan Ball and derek beaulieu "Call & Response"
Kimmy Beach "Aberrant Lounges"
kevin mcpherson eckhoff "Document 1"
ryan fitzpatrick "Of Quixote's Lap"
Ken Kowal "Ripley Retreats"
rob mclennan "generations"
Lars Palm "On Stealing Lips"
Chris Rizzo/Jess Mynes "Full On Jabber"

That's it for now, thanks for listening.


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