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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Radiohead still has the best Internet site in the world ... genius. Visit www.radiohead.com. I think what I like best is that there is little to no information on the band, at all. Just bizarre, creative stuff. Making full use of the hypertext form.

Nine Inch Nails is releasing a new album on May 3. I am a longtime NIN fan, and am very excited. Also exciting is that the video collection, CLOSURE, will also be coming out (hopefully soon). This was previously only available on VHS and was BANNED FOR SALE in Ontario, where I was living, when it came out originally. So I am excited about this since the videos are brilliant and uncensored (including the "Happiness in Slavery" video with Bob Flanagan).

I just got the new Queens of the Stone Age album and am loving it. I just did an interview with local band Tin Foil Phoenix as well, not four hours ago. A fine band. Check out www.tinfoilphoenix.com.

Hell, while you're in a music mood, check out Alek's bizarre stuff at www.kimono.ca.


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