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Monday, June 13, 2005

My Comic Cameos

I was reading online comics today and remembered that I have done some comic cameos. Thought I would archive them here as points of interest. After you click the links below you may have to enlarge some of the photos to read the comics.

1. A comic by Ryan Hill documenting a behind-the-scenes moment which occurred during the filming of the Gutterwidth short movie. Click here.

2. A comic by Ryan Hill made using live action shots taken while filming the Gutterwidth movie, in which I play The Other Guy, made into a Gutterwidth comic, in which I play The Other Guy. Click here.

3. A comic by Kelly Leschasin, parodying Gutterwidth. Kelly was Managing Editor of the Manitoban at the time, and made this comic after we filmed our scene in the offices. Click here.

4. A second comic by Kelly poking fun at our office adventures. Click here.


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