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Friday, July 29, 2005

Gimli Film Festival, day 3

two days left and already i am about to collapse. last night's screening was packed, over capacity, had to haul in chairs from elsewhere in the museum. as a result the room was overheated with people and so maybe not as many laughs as might be expected, but actually overall the comedy shorts program seemed to go over very well. Jeff Solylo turned up with cast members to promote his film East of Euclid and that screening seemed to go over well too. i had to run off during most of it but i came back and checked in and the theatre had cooled down and there were some laughs. tomorrow the final night, the winnipeg film group crowd and maybe guy maddin will stop by for his film, hard to say. either way some great films tomorrow and today so come on down.

also, an interesting news item for filmmakers


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