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Saturday, September 10, 2005


i was trolling the web & ran across Mark Truscott's site, noticed that he had added my blog to his list of links. made me think i should update my own list. will do so later in the week (or in the night, if i can't sleep --- for now, lots of reading to catch up on).

I have never met Truscott & don't remember ever having had contact with him, so it was a pleasant surprise. particularly interesting since all week I have been scouring bookstores, looking to buy his book Said Like Reeds Or Things, which I have not read but keep reading wonderful things about (i have failed, and it seems i must order the book online, which i will do once i decide what other books i will order alongside it, to save on postage). I've heard it's a very minimalist book, which appeals to me in many ways, since I grow weary of "wordy" poems (though i insist on working in long forms and sequences, I maintain that they are minimalist in essence, paradoxically perhaps, but still).

all these other blogs by poets seem to play host to poems. in the spirit of imitation, i plan to post a poem as well, and maybe more than one, soon.


Blogger Mark said...

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the entry and your interest in my book. Yeah, I came across your blogs through your comments on JPF's Lurch Fever I think. Good blogging!


1:44 PM


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