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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Process Proposed

I have just completed a mini-chapbook, containing three poems of my own, called The Process Proposed. I have decided, instead of selling it, to give it away FREE with any orders of other Martian Press books. Here are the options:

Film/making by Jonathan Ball
The Martian Press Review, volume I
The Road to Power by Barbara Berger by Aaron Mauro
oppidum by Norah Bowman
Call & Response by derek beaulieu and Jonathan Ball
generations by rob mclennan (NEWLY PUBLISHED)

forthcoming very soon (put your orders in now!):

Aberrant Lounges by Kimmy Beach
on stealing lips by Lars Palm
acts of barbarity and vandalism by Daniel Tysdal

All books are $5 each, with a little extra for postage.


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