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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I got this great Gremlins book from a waiting room. That's Gremlins the movie. Remember? I'll bet you do.

Anyway, it is very .... strangely.... written. Yes, "strangely" is the proper word. Especially if you consider the text apart from the pictures. It's almost some sort of apocalyptic poetry. Here is the text from page 1:
Billy Peltzer and Kate Beringer were friends. Gizmo was Billy's pet. Billy's Dad had given him the unusual creature as a Christmas present.

All three stared in horror at the destruction going on around them.
Anyway, chew on that with your mind-mouth. I'm out of here. Calgary that is. Later, suckers.


Blogger Idoru said...

dear jon- sorry it took me so long to link you. it was too obvious, i didn't see it...then I saw you did me already....how lovely. see you when you get back.

12:19 AM


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