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Thursday, February 01, 2007


All sorts of goodness tonight, went to the Calgary Ink/Flywheel reading and heard lots of fine new fiction in its formative stages. Very much looking forward to the future, where we will have rocket cars and Paul Kennett's novel One Great City about Earle Nelson, the "Dark Strangler" (perhaps Winnipeg's most notorious serial killer).

Got the new filling Station magazines. I am all over fS these days. Issue 37 was the single issue for which I was a Film Section Editor, and the current issue 38 is the "Jonathan Ball issue" in which I (1) conducted an interview with Robert Majzels, (2) published the first few pages of my screenplay The Sandman, and (3) Emily Carr's review of Jay MillAr's False Maps for Other Creatures quotes the interview I did with MillAr from fS issue 36!

Picked up some books with my gift certificate (Xmas present from my parents): two books relating to Kafka (my hero), The Z├╝rau Aphorisms (by Kafka, ed. Roberto Calasso) and K. by Roberto Calasso; Dennis Cooley's new book the bentleys (I liked his original title, love in a dry land much better, I must say... will have to complain when I see Dennis later this month); Derrida's Of Grammatology which has been eluding me for months somehow; and finally Stephen King's Cell, a zombie novel which shall occupy my "down-time" between theory readin (wanted something light and full of zombies).

All told a good night. I am also enjoying Shanzing Wang's Mad Science in Imperial City which you fans of innovation prose/poetry may want to seek out. Will leave you with a quote from the Kafka aphorisms book:
The dogs are still playing in the yard, but the quarry will not escape them, never mind how fast it is running through the forest already.


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