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Friday, April 27, 2007


it strikes me now that my last post can be read as being a bit pretentious... the point is not to say "i'm great" but just that i know first-hand what rodriguez is talking about, with people wasting money trying to do it "the 'right' way" instead of being creative and spending your budget where it counts (in my case, on editing and buying lunch for my awesome actors --- the editor and actors are the real stars of those films of mine). rodriguez has this great story in the book where the studio he ends up selling his film to pays him a per diem of $2000 per week to come to LA and supervise a transfer to 35mm.... they also gave him an office, so he just slept in his office and pocketed the $2000 per week. in a month they had spent more money to cover his (non-existent) hotel and meals than he had spent on his entire feature film. now THAT guy (not so much me) knows how to direct!!


Anonymous Chris said...

I saw Spoony B's groove. And I find the stereotyping of my hood very embarassing. Because pimpin' works on a strict timeline, your use of new and old was just not the mix of kalbassa, bannock, and vinegarr I was looking for. All in all, I enjoyed it since me and my homes aren't snobs. Represent!

11:30 AM

Anonymous Chris said...

Yo, keep makin' that money, man... Come back and visit. Check out The Label and The Crow...
Get some rest, let's chill.

11:47 AM


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