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Friday, January 18, 2008

Haiku Horoscopes 2: Electric Bugaloo

The Haiku Horoscopes have returned, and are running again in Winnipeg's Uptown Magazine. I am hoping to get the column into other city weeklies this year, so if you know of any potential victims, please bring them to my attention. Also, some people have e-mailed me to say that www.haikuhoroscopes.com is not working... as far as I can figure it out, the guy in charge of the company I was buying webspace from fled the country to escape from creditors or something. So the site will return in the future, when I figure out if I can even get the files from the system or if it has to be redesigned or if it's even possible to keep the URL or what. In the meantime, Uptown is your only source for Haiku Horoscopes.


Anonymous Ryan said...

I have the files, but not the database content. The domain is yours according to Whois. You need to get a new host, and possibly contact Hostroute.com to update the domain's nameserver.

1:59 PM


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