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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Haiku Horoscopes

Some people don't realize it, but I write a weekly humour column called Haiku Horoscopes. Anyway, one of my goals this year is to increase my syndication (the online site archives columns that are over a year old, with new ones running in print).

So do me a favour. Post and let me know the names of decent little weekly magazines near you. Places that are cool enough to maybe want a fun, irreverent little humour column. I am currently running in Uptown (Winnipeg) and used to run in VUE weekly (Edmonton) but VUE pulled the column -- apparently Edmontonians were confused about how to apply these horoscopes to their daily lives. At least some of them -- I've heard from many who regret the loss of the column, so maybe I'll see if SEE is interested. (VUE are still good people though, super-nice to me while I was writing for them.) Anyway, let me know about those weeklies. I want names and cities, and websites if possible, anywhere people read English.


Blogger Jennifer said...

I LOVE your Haiku horoscopes! I think they are hilarious :-)

8:56 PM


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