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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Snakes on a Plane

There are snakes on the plane. Snakes on crack.

The movie was insane. It's not that it's even that great -- it's not that it's even particularly special -- it's that it has been so overhyped, that the premise was recognized instantly over a year ago as so ridiculously bad, that seeing Snakes on a Plane is like going to a party. A party with snakes. There were people throwing rubber snakes around, screaming out jokes, and yelling right along with Samuel L. Jackson when he informed the world that he was sick of those snakes on that plane. This is less a movie than a drinking game. I wasn't even drinking anything, and it was a blast.

So if you like snakes on planes, go see this movie. If snakes on planes aren't your cup of venomous tea, well, better stay home and watch Oprah.

That is all.


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