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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Harrowdown Hill

Posting twice today, perhaps this is my posting for the month. I post more when I am busy because I like to nose around for new things on my breaks. Spent the day doing small business errands and tomorrow will be back to work on Kanada, after a hiatus while working on the samurai film. Also preparing an AFA grant to do a complete re-envisioning of the When I Am Hell poetry collection, now titled The Politics of Knives.

Recently, Thom Yorke put out a solo album which is actually quite good. Somehow it is very mellow and yet furious. Anyway, my favourite track is a song called "Harrowdown Hill" which is about Dr. David Kelly.

I just found the video for the track on YouTube, and thought I would share it. It is quite an interesting video, from a filmmaking perspective, in that it incorporates quite a few different formal techniques into a fairly cohesive project whose core ideas slowly bleed out from a rather benign introduction. Very poignant and understated, much like the song itself. I've tried to embed the video within this post, so if you can't see it, one of us sucks.


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