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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Chapbook!!

Hey kids. I've been busy, passed my first round of candidacies, put[ting] together a new issue of dANDelion, the usual writing, studying for my final candidacies, etc., but I managed to put out a new chapbook: Full On Jabber by Jess Mynes & Christopher Rizzo.

Still have diminishing quantities of a few chapbooks available as well. The * symbol denotes books that are almost sold out, and which you may want to buy while you still can. So here's the current catalogue:

Full On Jabber by Jess Mynes and Christopher Rizzo
On Stealing Lips by Lars Palm
Abberant Lounges by Kimmy Beach
* Document 1 by kevin mcpherson eckhoff
Of Quixote's Lap by ryan fitzpatrick
generations by rob mclennan
* Call & Response by Jonathan Ball & derek beaulieu
* oppidum by Norah Bowman

Single books: $5 plus shipping ($1 in Canada, $2 in the US)
Five books: $20 and free shipping
All eight books: $30 and free shipping

If you want anything, email me at jonathan [at] jonathanball [dot] com. I'm going to be travelling through late March and the first half of April, so any orders will be delivered late April.


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