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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fugue Nefesh

So I missed the film night where they were going to be screening Spoony B and other films. I was feeling pretty lousy so stayed home, disappointing millions. I also hear that they held the film for various reasons, and will show it some other film night, disappointing few.

While bemoaning my fate I watched a DVD I received in the mail (people are always sending me things in the mail) of Solomon Nagler's latest film Fugue Nefesh, which is where these images came from. I worked on Fugue Nefesh as the 1st Assistant Director and a Locations scout back in 2005. Film turned out great, a really artful and meticulous work recalling Bela Tarr in some respects, very beautiful.

Fugue Nefesh is the final film in a trilogy of "Jewish elegies" that Nagler has been working on, the previous two being perhaps/We and The Sex of Self-Hatred --- two of my favourite films. Nagler is without a doubt Canada's most promising young filmmaker, in my view, and so I'm thrilled to have been involved in the film. Hopefully the three films will be available at some point as a trilogy, the DVD I have has menus which appear designed for this purpose, and Sol has expressed interest in doing this, it's more a matter of who will distribute such a thing.


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