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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Fifteen Seconds of Fame

I am in the news (kind-of), the Okanagan College News anyway. I have copied the full article for your reading displeasure:

Kevin McPherson signs book deals

English professor Kevin McPherson signed two book deals and will see his first book published in December 2009. Inside Okanagan College asked Kevin to provide details of both books.

“The first will be called, The Words of the Book, and it’s experimental poetry based on the King James Version of the Holy Bible. I co-created it with a real jerk of a poet in Calgary named Jonathan Ball, and it’s been accepted for publication by a press in Toronto called BookThug. Expect to see it December 2009.

“The second book, titled rhapsodomancy, collects various visual poems from my creative MA thesis. It is set for a Spring 2010 release with Coach House Books, also in Toronto.”


Blogger Colin Martin said...

its nice to see the truth get air time.


7:18 AM


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