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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Martian Press Review 01

I've had a few people ask me about the MPR, which has been delayed a few times... the deal with the MPR is this ... it's being launched at McNally-Robinson (Grant Park location) on June 6. Readers are being confirmed. I will be sending out press releases and review copies in May and will also post the press release on this blog and my other. The book will be in stores possibly before the launch. There may also be another reading/launch. Book is not available yet. It will be available through contributors when I release contributor's copies, earlier than in bookstores. These copies should be sent out in April. Look for the book around late April/early May in stores, launch following in June.

Sorry for delays ... keep in mind that I am doing this all myself, and that I also am working on films, working three part-time jobs, writing my own stuff, just defended my MA thesis, and am planning a move to Calgary in addition to working on this small press project, which I am not making any money off of. Plus, as this is the first anthology work on this press (second book) I am still working out design (further delayed by the destruction of my computer, the deletion of much of its contents, and the purchasing of a new computer which I have had to find the design programs for once again).

It's nice to see a bit of interest in the Martian Press sprining up hither and thither. I've already had a chapbook submission of really interesting word art and others have expressed interest in submitting things.... once the first two books are out I expect more attention.... it will be nice when I get a schedule going and start to release things on this schedule. then it'll be less guesswork.

Another reason for delays is that I want to try and launch this press and these books right.... until i have things set up so that i have review copies ready to go out, a web site ready (or near ready) to go up (http://www.martianarmy.com), distribution lined up, and things looking nice, I don't see the point.... people worked hard to write the poetry and prose that will appear in the MPR and since I'm not paying them any money (as much as i'd like to, there's just no money at all in chapbooks) I want to make sure I do as much as possible to ensure that they at least get to read in public and get some media coverage if i can manage it.


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