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Friday, June 24, 2005

Quills poem publication

Quite by surprise, I found in my mailbox a copy of Quills, a poetry magazine published in Vancouver. I figured it was a freebie to try to coerce me to subscribe. I scanned the table of contents for recognizable names and, lo and behold, spied my own name!

I had assumed that Quills rejected my submission to them, since they didn't get back to me about it (they don't respond when they reject somebody). Apparently they accepted the poem "Breakfast in Bed" and published it in the current issue. They forgot to contact me about it, I suppose, or maybe with all my email problems the acceptance was deleted. So that was a pleasant surprise.

"Breakfast in Bed" has done quite well for itself. It won me the Ray Burrell Award for Poetry contest in 2004 (along with a nice little $500 prize) and was published in The Grist Mill, and now it has been republished in Quills. Hopefully this bodes well for the poems and stories I sent out to diverse places recently. Having been lazy about submitting for a while, I am back to it with renewed vigor. Anyway, check out Quills and my poem if you are into that kind of thing.

On another note, went to see ...or in the next a play by Ken L. Freund. Very funny. Friday is the last night so go watch it. Watch it!!! Or you will pay for your negligence in the afterlife.


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