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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


if you haven't already, you should go to www.ubu.com -- an outstanding resource. the site collects avant-garde work that is out-of-print or otherwise generally unavailable elsewhere. some amazing stuff on there. i got a copy of kevin davies's out-of-print classic "pause button" and i notice that derek's essay "an afterword after words: notes towards a concrete poetic" is on there, it'll appear in one of his many forthcoming books but is a good read (he was kind enough to let me peruse it a month or so ago).

i am going to spend most of the weekend getting ahead of my reading list and getting my apartment and all my files in order -- everything is still in boxes at this point, or piled up on my floor. once that is done, i will have access to things like my martian press design master sheets and my mailing addresses, etc., and can get some work done. also, hoping that shaw will finally fix my damn phone, so i can make some calls (for pleasure and business). i have the following projects, all on hold, that i'd like to get back to (though the PhD is taking precedence right now):

- martian press
- spoony b press stuff (relating to the film's november premiere in winnipeg, which i am *hoping* to attend
- four hours of footage to wade through in order to pull together a comedy mock rock doc
- a music video for the punk band under pressure which i'm still hoping to finish before/at christmas, we'll see. the album is out in november, so hopefully before/around then
- some experimental films that i've had on hold forever
- a graphic novel adaptation of my screenplay "The Sandman" (based on ETA Hoffmann's story of the same name)
- a book to write (Kanada) which i started just this week, for a class. so far so good.
- any number of poetry manuscripts to complete
- another run-through / gutting of When I Am Hell

and i am sure many other things i am forgetting. but before i do any of that, i will have to organize my files and get ahead of my work/reading for class. not to mention the class i am teaching, starting tomorrow morning. life is exciting and fun but busy as hell.


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