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Saturday, December 03, 2005

haircut party

i'm not really having a haircut party, though now i want to. no, i just got back from a party, a great party at Bok's house. Christian showed off his fancy collection of first-edition books and made me very jealous. to curb his spending he only purchases first-editions, in hardcover if available. very nice collection. anyway, it was a very good time, and Bok was a wonderful host. i would have liked to go out afterwards with everyone but i have to finish up this essay, which is going well but still in need of work.

the haircut is the haircut i have scheduled for monday at noon. i am pre-selling locks of hair, so drop me a comment and pre-order now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll take two!
-Your Secret Admirer

7:33 AM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...


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