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Friday, December 02, 2005

lit nite

had a good night out tonight, a quick note before i crash. i read some poems at the launch of NoD magazine, which i am proud to say published 4 of my poems in its first issue. the poems i read seemed to go over well, especially my wolves poem (one of them, which i read). i am reading again on Dec 8 at the Flywheel event and will probably read some different wolves there. the wolves series is going well, overall.

highlights of the night included pleasant chats with Sandy Lam who agreed to maybe drum up a cover image for the Lars Palm book i'm putting out early next year and also with Larissa Lai, a wonderful writer whose new book Salt Fish Girl should be on your shelves if not in your hands. i've been hoping to get a chance to talk to Lai for some time and it was nice to finally do so. gave out, sold, and traded a few copies of the Call & Response chapbook, gave Natalee Caple one for her birthday. lots of good times with good people. Ryan Fitzpatrick gave me a copy of his NOpress book Hounds of Love / Loss Leaders which I'm really enjoying. Kevin McPherson Eckhoff also read an outstanding poem and managed to give a stellar reading of a visual poem, i'm very impressed by the stuff of his i've seen so far, will have to talk to him about doing a chapbook sometime next year. Chris Ewart's novel Miss Lamp (note the name change from Lamp) seems to be coming out earlier than expected, around April perhaps, which is great news, though i think i upset him a bit by casually noting, while we were trading statistics, that something like half of the books ever sold were sold around Christmas. i don't know if this applies to the so-called "literary" genres.

chatted with Christian Bok a bit, am looking forward to attending his party on Saturday. i expect everyone in the world to be there. will you be there? i'll be there even though i should spend the time working on my essay, for Bok's class in fact. Christian Bok rules my life, it appears, at least this weekend he does. well, i suppose there could be worse, more despotic rulers. can't wait until all these papers are done and i can visit Mandy again and also finish up some of my writing projects and spend more time on the Martian Press. anyway, later gators.


Blogger Polly said...

Hey Jonathan - sounds like *you're* at no loss for things to do and people to hang out with. Glad to hear it. Was the wolves poem one from MayDay?

3:49 AM


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