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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

in poetry (no one cares about) news...

i received this interesting piece of poetry-spam -- more articulate than most:

nothing here next window sandwich a the
money side thats find filled reference fire gym
make force taught immediate back window sandwich
the we added wanted hard pretty goes drew least
latter teach different music anybody raise wrong end very allow

not too bad, really. i've seen worse. reminds me of RACTER -- spambots are language poetry machines, in a sense, which questions the status of language poetry as an anti-capitalist gesture.

in other language writing news, i wrote the following piece while working on a short paper for Christian Bok, and henceforth dedicate the work to that same man. this is simply a cataloguing of the written text-marks i made on one of the later drafts of the essay, compiled in order and with line breaks added:

, and cap?
cut significantly

which use to text’s
who assumes textual redo

and both leading ideological

s es i careful
written a things
Language Writing does not offer

, but .

may e
the creation of

is ing

a t
becomes a ing

i nothing more
than physical ce
constitute or

ideology in ing

but a is impossible.


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