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Friday, May 26, 2006

David Usher...

...what happened to you? you used to be such a great lyricist, who wrote incredibly dark songs. now you're dropping happy-go-lucky numbers which, though still a little dark, are filled with cliches like "i forgot the love i used to have" and talk about burning bridges and growing cold inside. i miss the david usher who had great psychotic lyrics like the following:

"i came to burn the sky and tear away the beauty that it sows"


"all the things i can't replace i will control"

??? -- though "in this light" is still a great song. "in this light / i can see the angels / burning from the inside out / they spread their wings to die"


Blogger stars nocturnal said...

david is working on a new album as i type this. here's hoping a bit of that darkling night creeps back in...

5:32 PM


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