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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm a winner, baby. Please don't kill me.

I just won a contest I had forgot I entered, the first Cubicle Press Chapbook Contest. So that's pretty cool. I guess that means I have a chapbook coming out, a collection entitled Monsters.


Blogger ryan said...


9:37 AM

Blogger echolalias said...

a)on the contest
b)on making my personal blogspot list

7:56 PM

Blogger echolalias said...

right...this is kaylen, by the bye.

7:57 PM

Blogger echolalias said...

ps- if you really love some good lyrics? dive into some shearwater. or okkervil river (they have overlapping members).


10:03 PM

Blogger Kimmy Beach said...

nice work!

3:58 PM

Blogger Brenda Schmidt said...


9:14 AM


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