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Friday, July 21, 2006

Matrix & Emeritus

I was thrilled to see the new Matrix magazine, which has a special section on "Fan Fiction" -- to which I contributed a short story lovingly poking fun at the style & subject matter of the late great Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The story is called "Guy and the Thing From Another World" and is my first fiction publication in a national journal.

I was likewise delighted to discover that my poem "Salvador Dali Lama" was selected for the third Emeritus Press Handbill publication. This is a series published by Dr. McGillivray at the University of Calgary, who hand-set the poem "in traditional lead type" on a hand-press. It's very cool but unfortunately I only have a single copy... he forgot to notify me about the publication previously. But he says he'll be doing some more at some point in the future, and when he does I'll have a bunch to distribute. This puts me in good company... if I am correct, handbill 1 was by Chris Ewart (author of the recent novel Miss Lamp), and handbill 2 was by the effervescent Natalie Zina Walschots.

So there. Pick up Matrix 74 ... it's got a GREAT COVER and it's also got the aforementioned Ms. Walschots's love poems for Dr. Doom, in addition to my story and lots of other fun stuff.


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