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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dinosaurs are still cool.

Man, I love THIS COMIC!

in Saskatchewan now, visiting Mandy, soon will be going home to Ontario for a visit with the family, then to Winnipeg for visiting and editing/completing my second short film as director, Opening Band.

this is where you can help me out... I am currently trying to decide what to do for my next short film. I want to do something different this time, and have decided to adapt a short story by a Canadian author. so I am looking for potentially adaptable stories by potentially agreeable authors. any suggestions?

who's your favourite short story author in Canada? any particular short stories you would suggest i take a look at?


Blogger Tracy Hamon said...

Hmm. Interesting concept. How does one define a good short story worthy of film? Or, what makes a story acceptable to the film medium, or to the film audience?

One story that popped into my mind was Frances Itani's Poached Egg on Toast. What I found when I was reading this story was the Cohen brothers kept coming to my mind, the way they seem to show the smallness of the experience, the concept of being adrift in something everyday and ordinary, and an experience of the foreign within the norm. It seemed so Canadian in a way.

9:33 PM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

will have to check it out. i think the process of figuring out how to adapt something will be interesting. so far i've written one script adapting a short story, and though it turned out quite well, it is a practically unfilmable feature script. i think the key is that the story must be minimalist in concept. whatever that means.

10:38 PM

Blogger Brenda Schmidt said...

"The Chocolate Dick" by John Lavery from Very Good Butter.

8:04 AM


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