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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I just received word that my short story "The Dark Part of the Sky" has been accepted for publication in the MWG silver anniversary anthology project (a book-length collection of work by once-members of the Manitoba Writers' Guild published in celebration of the organization's silver anniversary). The book will appear April 2007 from Prairie Fire Press. Great news on an otherwise lackadaisical day!


Blogger jason christie said...

grats jon!!!!!

word verification: cmxdhzr

8:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

excellent news indeed!
-- derek

8:56 PM

Blogger Ken Kowal said...

curious to see what the collection will look like

good that you'll be in it

know of a couple of others who


i couldn't think of what to send
and their guide lines
if i remember correctly
were a bit flakey

3:12 AM

Blogger echolalias said...

if you had a fortune cookie, and it was one of those fotune cookies whose fortune happens to be incredibly valid & right on the nosey... it would read:

"you are amazing. everyone thinks so."

4:07 PM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

thanks all y'all. echolalias, that is very sweet. beware of bees.

(upgvmpa) -- a good one

5:15 PM

Blogger echolalias said...

bees don't scare me. the big ones. the little ones give me the creeps, though. too sneaky....

and rhianna and i will certainly be at the KP for big time birthday fun.

6:12 PM


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