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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I have (finally) solved all my problems and finalized all of the design elements for the Martian Press chapbooks. I think I have the system down so I should be able to turn things around much quicker in the future. Over the next two weeks I’ll print off copies & send copies out to people in the mail. & get things in stores & out for review (though I’m not optimistic about getting reviews for chapbooks). Also, I will put up a temporary site at http://www.martianarmy.com/ sometime next week.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Martian Press chapbooks

This weekend I am doing three things: 1) recovering from sickness; 2) marking papers; 3) finishing up my Martian Press chapbook designs. All are going well so far. At this point I just have to touch up two photos and wait to be emailed a missing bio and an ISBN. Then the first two chapbooks can be printed. I have a third chapbook lined up too, now. This press is shaping up nicely, after initial delays.

So, these are the first 3 Martian Press publications:

MP001: Film/making by Jonathan Ball

MP002: The Martian Press Review, Volume I by various authors

MP003: Pitt Graphit 129904 4B by derek beaulieu

Film/making is a long poem. The MPR is the first in an anthology series which will appear intermittently, and contains writing by Rehman Abdulrehman, David Annandale, Gloe Cormie, Nathan Dueck, Ariel Gordon, Ken Kowal, Maurice Mierau, Mark Sampson, and Kevin Spenst. Pitt Graphit 129904 4B is a small volume of concrete poetry.

I am looking for submissions for future chapbooks. I have a few ideas for some of my own but I want to keep up this trend of publishing other people. Someday soon I will have some info on www.martianarmy.com about submissions, but for now you can just email me at info@martianarmy.com with your proposals.

Friday, May 06, 2005

When I Am Hell & summer projects

A short while ago I sent off samples from my book-length poetry collection manuscript When I Am Hell & other poems to Turnstone Press and I am waiting to hear back from them, which will probably not happen until the end of the summer.

My summer projects are:

- put out Martian Press chapbooks Film/making and The Martian Press Review 01
- get to work on 3rd Martian Press chapbook, which will be a book of concrete poety by Calgary writer Derek Beaulieu
- edit/finish the short comedy film Spoony B in How Spoony B Got His Ho Back
- film short comedy Opening Band
- write a short film for Toronto director Tyler Gamsby, working title: Hell is in the Details
- write a bunch of short stories, hopefully finish off my short story collection Metamorphoses

Wish me luck.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Writing Articles

I just discovered a bunch of articles I wrote for Suite101.com before they became more focused on offering lousy online courses. I had forgotten all about these. Some of them are actually pretty good. I should take some of my own advice. My thesis completely interrupted my writing work in a number of ways. Anyway, you can check these out if you like.

Building a Portfolio: Breaking into Print and Staying There


The Same Coin? (more of a joke article)


Making Rejection Work for You


Building Your Story: How to Plan for a Major Project


Additionally, I published an article in The Canadian Writer's Guide, 13th Edition which is okay. Though the bio is incorrect, as the movie wasn't made after all. Anyway, it's here:

A Letter from an Editor


Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Poem a Day in May

I am writing a poem every day during the month of May, along with a few other poets. You can check it out here: http://maydaypoems.blogspot.com.