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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Lunch Time Street Beef" with Johnny LaRue!

This is my favourite SCTV sketch, with John Candy as Johnny LaRue. The lack of people on the street was a recurring joke with Street Beef. But in this particular episode, Johnny LaRue has been reprimanded several times for blowing his various budgets in a quest for "production values" --- making use of expensive crane and helicopter shots for no particular reason. Also, LaRue has been demoted to doing this live man-on-the-street show against his wishes, as a sort of punishment, relegated to the bare minimum of production values. Pulled from the context of the entire episode the sketch loses a lot of impact, since almost every line in this sketch is a callback to a joke established previously in the episode --- but Candy's opening monologue and the twists near the end are golden SCTV moments.


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