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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Current Reads

I am currently reading:

Self by Yann Martel (fiction)
The Object Stares Back by James Elkins (theory)
Country Music by Dennis Cooley (poetry)
Making Light of Tragedy by Jessica Grant (short stories)
A Dame to Kill For and That Yellow Bastard by Frank Miller (graphic novels)

I recently read these books and will post some informal mini-reviews shortly:

From a Buick 8 by Stephen King (fiction)
Kill-site by Tim Lilburn (poetry)
Mercy by Alissa York (fiction)
Yellow Pages by Nicole Markotic (fiction)

I am trying to read a lot of books by Albertan writers before I move to Calgary. If you know of good books or authors, drop me a line.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well there's always the uber-famous Edmonton-born and raised JOHN LENT. Fuck, he's so good. Also if you haven't read any of Tom Wayman's poetry he's really great, plus he's at U of C.

- Vanessa

10:00 AM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

John Lent, eh? Any relation? Or a pen name, perhaps?

Tom Wayman is on the list. Haven't read him yet though.

2:58 PM

Anonymous melanie said...

the Markotic book is interesting, no?
i've been meaning to read some stuff by Lilburn, but i haven't had the chance yet. let me know what you think.
as for suggestions, Janice Williamson's collection of short stories, Tell-tale Signs, is really fabulous, and so is The Healer by Greg Hollinshed (they're both U of A people).

9:36 AM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

i really loved the Markotic book. did something well that most people do badly, which is, writing a narrative that has no particular interest in narrative itself. Lilburn is an outstanding poet. though, as a caveat, not for everyone. if you like Rilke or are interested in devotional poetry, try Lilburn on for size. strangely, though i am an atheist, i have a real and honest interest in the devotional form. i hear a lot about those two alberta cats and will put them on "the list" of people to check out.

1:29 PM


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