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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Haiku Horoscopes dot com

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the mass email, just thought I'd let you know that, with the help of cartoonist/web designer Ryan Hill, I've launched www.haikuhoroscopes.com. You can check it every Monday for a new set of Haiku Horoscopes.

The site archives old horoscopes. There is a year's worth in the archives already, and each week an updated and in some cases rewritten variation of the column from two years ago will appear on the site. By now you should have forgotten these all, so they'll practically be new to you (only slightly used). You can also click to view all horoscopes for your sign in the archives, or search the archives for specific words (in case you really want to read all the horoscopes about cheese, for example).

So each week from now on you can check your haiku horoscopes online (Mondays at www.haikuhoroscopes.com) and in Uptown (Thursdays -- in print or online at www.uptownmag.com). How can you have two weekly horoscopes in one week, you ask? The answer: MAGIC.


Jonathan Ball, registered fraud


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