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Saturday, July 23, 2005

the king of all media

FYI, I'll be on A Channel's The Big Breakfast along with filmmaker Walter Forsberg talking about the Gimli Film Festival on Monday. Perhaps Matt Rankin of the dynamic "Forsberg & Rankin" super-team will make a surprise appearance? Only time will tell. I'll be on at 7:15 AM and again at 8:00 AM (two short interviews). All are of course invited to come out to the festival, visit with me, & see some fine films. Programs are available around the Fringe area (Fyxx, Mondragon, Artspace, etc) or online at http://www.gimlifilmfestival.com.

I also have work published in the current issue of Quills at your local bookstore at online at the inaugural issue of Flatlands (http://flatlands.ecclectica.ca/) and I think the next issue of CV2 will hit the bookstands while I'm away or thereabouts (including an interview I did with Patrick Friesen).


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