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Friday, September 16, 2005

Grimm magazine

I received word that Grimm magazine had been trying to contact me for weeks, at my old e-mail address, about wanting to publish a poem of mine. Luckily they were persistent and managed to find my new address. So that's all straightened out, and a poem of mine called "what i would do for garlic" will appear in their next issue.

moving hassles, moving hassles ... I sent some notifications out, reiterating a past e-mail message. In other magazine news, Grain has once again foiled me ... a story that I have been waiting to send them (waiting until their reading period began again) was ready to go when I noticed on their website that they have extended the "no-more-submissions" period until next year, for fiction only (of course, it was a fiction submission). So they are out of luck, and I'm mailing it off to the Capilano Review later today.

Still, I maintain my crusade against Grain ... a magazine I like quite a lot ... and which I will pummel with submissions until they accept one. I am just lying back for a moment, waiting, to rethink my strategy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is interesting...that they persisted in contacting you.

They seemed nice to me as well but I've lost the contact info. Do you have a direct contact for them? If you do, contact me at mediageodeatgmaildotcom.

Much appreciated.


11:27 AM


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