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Sunday, December 04, 2005


this is what google had to say about me. find out what it has to say about you by going to www.googlism.com and playing around.

jonathan ball is ook die agent vir bekende buitelandse uitgewerye en bemark en versprei boeke namens hulle
jonathan ball is now an employee of that group though likes to give the impression that he's still independent
jonathan ball is such fun
jonathan ball is a musician and wily writer of songs and poems
jonathan ball is the literary pages coordinator of the manitoban and the editor of arts student body council’s maelstrom
jonathan ball is goed gevestig as die voorste invoerder van verbruikersboeke na suid
jonathan ball is due in the middle of next year


Blogger Lars Palm said...

some of us thought you were born already

4:57 AM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

maybe i'm just due to stop sucking in the middle of next year. let's hope!!

8:14 AM

Blogger Lars Palm said...

that would be early, i hope to achieve that by the time i'm 100. maybe

11:57 AM


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