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Thursday, June 15, 2006

mysteriously, another chapbook

i've received a mysterious missive from the mysterious people at the mysterious NO press that another chapbook of mine has been accepted. so this should be out sometime, i'm guessing later this summer, hopefully by the time the Calgary Blow-Out Festival occurs. the chapbook is called To Begin and i will keep you posted on developments, not sure how many copies i'll receive or anything like that. it is all very mysterious, but pleasant nonetheless. i should get another chapbook going somehow, make it a hat trick. hmmmm......


Blogger ryan said...

Double HAWT!

8:36 PM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

it IS double hawt. now i need to whip together something that MODL press would like, and make it a hat trick. we'll see.... maybe some poems about how hard it is to be me, with all the darkness in my soul?

9:33 PM

Blogger echolalias said...

i am. so dark. like. my pain. it is so dark. like paint your closet black. then step inside the closet. well i guess you could wait for the fumes to dry first. and then step in.

and you think, 'whoa....that's dark'...but i mean then? hold your hands over your eyes. like so.

that is how dark my pain is. remember you're in a closet.

totally dark

then think about knives.

i bet you're thinking.. "whoa..." not like before. but like. "whoa."

but here is where i blow your mind even more by telling you: oh i forgot. when you covered your eyes? you were......already blind.

12:32 PM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

you wake up in a haunted place called Darktown
with a bunch of vampires
you try to leave, but when you find the door
you can't turn the knob
because there's too much blood

you fall down and hit your head
and when you wake up Satan is there
Satan laughs at you beside his upside-down cross
and you realize that he built it wrong
because the instructions for making crosses
were smeared with too much blood

Hell, Death, Fear and Darktown....
Satan laughs as you eternally rot!!!

(lyrics to Darktown, a practice jam by my former band MARS HAS THE ADVANTAGE)

5:06 PM

Blogger echolalias said...


please tell me you have a band now. and you're in desperate need of some energetic lass (me) to play the tambourine (given to me by someone who is wont to give tambourines to energetic lasses. me.)

9:32 PM


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