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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Just to prove that people are weird, I went out and bought a rhinoceros. —Bill Cosby

Mandy and I just bought tickets to go see Cosby, in Edmonton, in October. He is here tonight in Calgary, but she can't go with me tonight, being in Saskatchewan. Cosby will be great. Excellent comedian. I love stand-up comedy, wanted to be a stand-up when I was younger, and Cosby is one of my heroes. Recently listening to Orny Adams, his DVD/CD pair The Path of Most Resistance, is definitely worth your money and time. You may remember Orny from the Comedian documentary a few years ago. Anyway, I'm excited about Cosby, and also about Mandy coming to visit for May long.


Blogger kaylen said...

have you ever watched that cartoon (cancelled because of obvious lawsuits) called House of Cosbys? it's on youtube. give it a look. :`)

1:19 AM


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