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Friday, July 29, 2005

you know you're in Gimli when... Posted by Picasa

a storm a-brewin Posted by Picasa

taken while driving home Posted by Picasa

taken while driving home Posted by Picasa

taken while driving home Posted by Picasa

Gimli Film Festival, day 3

two days left and already i am about to collapse. last night's screening was packed, over capacity, had to haul in chairs from elsewhere in the museum. as a result the room was overheated with people and so maybe not as many laughs as might be expected, but actually overall the comedy shorts program seemed to go over very well. Jeff Solylo turned up with cast members to promote his film East of Euclid and that screening seemed to go over well too. i had to run off during most of it but i came back and checked in and the theatre had cooled down and there were some laughs. tomorrow the final night, the winnipeg film group crowd and maybe guy maddin will stop by for his film, hard to say. either way some great films tomorrow and today so come on down.

also, an interesting news item for filmmakers

Jen & David promoting East of Euclid a film neither of them was involved in (well, probably David, in some form) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gimli Film Festival, day 2

I forgot to take photos yesterday so here are a few "previously unreleased" photos from day 1. the experimental shorts screened & went well overall. lots of people in attendance, certainly more than expected, and despite the inevitable walkouts (a lot of people don't understand that "experimental films" aren't exactly hollywood blockbusters) the people who were into the films seemed to enjoy them. Alek & Christian showed up to see their film "Third Floor" which drove 5 people out off the bat. they seemed a bit disappointed that more people didn't leave, but were otherwise happy. all told things went well & i'm optimistic about the comedy showcase tonight. also very, very, very, VERY tired.

beautiful Lake Winnipeg Posted by Picasa

Jennifer St. Germain, volunteer extraordinaire Posted by Picasa

matt etches hamming it up for the camera & showcasing what i like to call "beginner's stubble" Posted by Picasa

some wonderful scones & an odd, "old woman" butter knife Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gimli Film Festival, day 1

I'll be posting some images from the 2005 Gimli Film Festival, where I will be for the next few days. Last night was the opening night, saw a few films including some excellent animated fairy tales on loan from the Danish Embassy, three shorts animating Hans Christian Anderson stories. Went to an opening reception where I forgot to take pictures, and had a fine lunch on the patio. W.D. Valgardson was at the reception but I haven't read much of his work so I didn't talk to him, even though I love what I have read I thought it would be awkward. Matthew was a big fan of his earlier work but didn't like/know his later work much so he also refrained from approaching the man. An opportunity missed I'm sure, for both of us, certain to be an interesting man. Anyway, I am tired and about to begin a new day of festival stuff so I had better end this off. A few pictures below for the curious.

the pier in Gimli Posted by Picasa

My companions for the day, Jennifer & Matthew Posted by Picasa

Matthew's dark side Posted by Picasa

Matthew's bright side Posted by Picasa

Matt & Jen & the darkening prairie sky Posted by Picasa

The sun setting over Gimli Harbour Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 24, 2005

terrifying & sad

So now we are shooting people in the street, five times in the head, for no reason. Well, if it's started in the UK, soon it will be happening in the US and Canada. I think I'm moving to Mars.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

the king of all media

FYI, I'll be on A Channel's The Big Breakfast along with filmmaker Walter Forsberg talking about the Gimli Film Festival on Monday. Perhaps Matt Rankin of the dynamic "Forsberg & Rankin" super-team will make a surprise appearance? Only time will tell. I'll be on at 7:15 AM and again at 8:00 AM (two short interviews). All are of course invited to come out to the festival, visit with me, & see some fine films. Programs are available around the Fringe area (Fyxx, Mondragon, Artspace, etc) or online at http://www.gimlifilmfestival.com.

I also have work published in the current issue of Quills at your local bookstore at online at the inaugural issue of Flatlands (http://flatlands.ecclectica.ca/) and I think the next issue of CV2 will hit the bookstands while I'm away or thereabouts (including an interview I did with Patrick Friesen).

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Goin' on a Holiday...

(see the Mr. Show sketch of the same title)

I haven't been in contact much lately, through this blog or otherwise, and it doesn't look like I will be anytime soon. I apologize to all who feel I am neglecting my personal or professional duties, but I am swamped. This week I am tutoring every morning and then spending the rest of my afternoon/night trying to do 3 weeks of work (this week, next week, and the week after). Next week I will be tutoring every morning and in Gimli working at the Gimli Film Festival every afternoon/evening, and the first week of August I am leaving town on a much-needed holiday.

Trying to do all my normal work, plus put together 4 chapbooks, finish my long poem book Apokrypha (going well), finish off Spoony B, put together a music video for Pat's band (Under Pressure), an experimental film (Worms), and do a comedy short (Opening Band) all before I move at the end of August. Did I mention I'm moving in August? I finally got an apartment so that job is done at least. Anyway, I have to go to work right away, keep it awesome until I talk to you next.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Glory of Being Jonathan Ball

once again, i received more email meant for Jonathan Ball in South Africa, who owns Jonathan Ball Publishers. their web site is www.jonathanball.co.za and since i own www.jonathanball.com with a catch-all email account i occasionally receive personal email and the odd book proposal, which have been misaddressed. today, i received word that two of the company's books were shortlisted for an award. congratulations, Jonathan Ball Publishers!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

On the way into Winnipeg (from Northwestern Ontario, travelling through the US)
I saw this camping area not far from the Rat River crossing. Here and in the surrounding area were easily over a hundred downed trees. They must have been ripped out by one of the tornados. Some trees were splintered and downed, others had broken off halfway up and their top halves had been thrown some distance from their bottom halves. Most of them were simply uprooted. Posted by Picasa

Trees ripped right out, like weeds. Posted by Picasa

Flooding near Steinbach, which was apparently over the road a day or two ago. Posted by Picasa

A temporary river along the road. Posted by Picasa

A true prairie snapshot, the endless sky reflected in the earth. Posted by Picasa