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Friday, December 09, 2005

busy busy

it has been a really busy week. monday i had my last night class of the term then went out with suzette and my fun-tastic creative writing class (nicole markotic showed up too and harassed me about not liking buffy, making me promise i would watch the first episode, which suzette didn't seem to think was any good). then tuesday i went to derek's book launch which was a blast, and out to the bear and kilt afterward which was also a blast. then wednesday i went out for sushi with some of the english grad crew (the PhDs mostly) and then to see Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash biopic, which was pretty good (Phoenix was super-impressive in that he sung all the songs himself, no dubbing, amazing job). then yesterday i read at the Flywheel series, where i managed to spill a glass of water all over myself and the podium while reading, then went out to the bear and kilt afterwards. tonight i am going to the dANDelion magazine launch where i am going to be showing some Winnipeg Film Group films.


Blogger Ken Kowal said...

Spilling water, yeah, that's pretty bad but it could have been worse. Once I read with my fly open.

12:10 PM


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