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Thursday, December 22, 2005

two great ideas

my two genius ideas for today:

1) Everyone in the U.S. should apply for a restraining order against President George W. Bush.

2) Impeach the bastard, since he's already admitted to an impeachable offense.


Blogger Lars Palm said...

A third one might be to send him to Palestine, alone, so he could feel what it's like living under a particularly brutal occupation

9:44 AM

Blogger Ken Kowal said...

a fourth idea might be to apply to become an american citizen and vote the guy out of office. oh, I forgot it's bushs' second (last) term. I wonder what his brother will be doing four years from now. If California can elect Arnie, what does that say generally about an american's ability to elect the "right" person for the job? How can any country be safe from the american lust for expanision? their elected sense that God is on their side? i'm totally in favour of the recent "wacko" american idea of building a real physical barrier bewteen the US of A and Canada. Why would any Canadian wish to go to the US of A when Wallmart is already only a few blocks away? Palestine? Where exactly in the world is that? Let's send him to Alert or Gander Newfoundland, eh?

7:05 PM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

i'd just send him to a US ghetto, and see how long he lasts. it could be a reality show!!

10:16 AM


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