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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Winnipeg chapbook launch

Hey kids

I have started a micro-press to publish literary chapbooks. The first two books are being launched Monday, June 6 at McNally-Robinson, Grant Park location. The event is at 8pm and will feature brief readings from Rehman Abdulrehman, David Annandale, Jonathan Ball, Gloe Cormie, Maurice Mierau, and Mark Sampson.

Film/making by Jonathan Ball is a small long poem about the process of attempting to craft an experimental film. The poems examine the creative process and as such should be of interest to non-filmmakers. They should also be of especial interest to filmmakers, particularly those involved in hand-processing, as the poems grew out of the Winnipeg Film Group's hand-processing workshop.

The Martian Press Review, Volume I is edited by Jonathan Ball and includes works by 9 authors. The works range from traditional free-verse poetry to experimental poetry to prose poems to short comedic fiction.

Those unable to attend the event can still go visit McNally-Robinson (Grant Park) and check out the book display (just inside and to the right of the doors to outside) and pick up either of the books for $5 each. There is also a temporary site online at www.martianarmy.com and books can be ordered by emailing me at: info AT martianarmy DOT com (replace caps with punctuation, of course).


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