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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


my poem WOLVES (REVE(A)LED) is the first publication by the online blog/magazine LUZMAG. check it out:


don't be afraid just because it's poetry.

i am back from Ontario, now in Saskatchewan visiting with Mandy. will be back in Calgary on the 9th if you are a Calgary peep reading this. right now i'm trying to unpack/clean and get a few of my affairs in order. with a new term comes new responsibilities and a new schedule, and i've got to figure a few things out and map out my next four months. also need to get back to work on my novel Kanada (or Suzette will have my head).

for my Winnipeg peeps, i should be in Winnipeg early in Feb. i am curating a showing of "Apocalyptic Canadian Cinema" and will be around to introduce films and run a discussion panel etc. keep your eye on the Cinemateque listings for more information.

the new year should bring a few more new things, for one, i'm going to work to get my main site (www.jonathanball.com) out of purgatory and back into the realm of the online living. also going to be back to work publishing those chapbooks. look for books by rob mclennan, Kimmy Beach, and Lars Palm. i've still got books by Aaron Mauro, Norah Bowman, and derek beaulieu if you want to get your hands on some fine Martian Press chapbooks.


Blogger Polly said...

Nice work - love the short lines like "voice earth" and "voice ever sea". Can you remind me where you posted the methodology for this type of poem?

6:30 AM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

i don't know if i did post the methodology, but it's just reading through the book of revelations (new american bible) with the word wolves as a seed text -- so write down the first word that begins with w, the next word that begins with o, etc -- and the numbers are just the chapters.

7:10 AM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

what's neat about this kind of a thing is when you end up with lines that make sense -- sometimes through associative logic, sometimes surprisingly grammatical -- and you have images and words repeating for effect. all pure accident. like a secret, hidden text inside the original text.

7:12 AM

Blogger Ken Kowal said...


this is krap

ken kowal

my blender writes better "poems" than you, eh

11:56 PM

Blogger Polly said...

"Hidden text" - like it. And I didn't even notice the repetition of the beginning letters when I read the piece. Have you done Burroughs "cut up" poetry? (take a text, cut out all the words, dump them on the ground, and voila, new text)

4:43 AM

Blogger Lars Palm said...

dear mr Kowal

have your blender write some poems & submit them so we may see the works of this genious machine

the luzmag editor

5:41 AM

Blogger Ken Kowal said...

dear lars palm

what does your "magazine" pay per poem?

my blender runs on juice.
juice ain't cheap.

Ken Kowal(agent for my blender)

11:45 AM

Blogger Lars Palm said...

it pays nothing at the moment. hopefully, though i can, in a couple of years, both do printmags & pay for the juice. living where i do, every single copy would have to be mailed overseas & that costs some even though postage here is reasonably cheap. but if you give me your address i'll send some lovely local oranges to you as payment

12:20 PM

Blogger Ken Kowal said...

Dear Lars Palm

Oranges, yes that would be fine.
I'll consider submitting something to your "mag." What's the link to your page?

Ken Kowal


Might even trade a poem for a small quanity of cumquats.

1:22 PM

Blogger Jonathan Ball said...

how come i don't get any oranges?

i haven't done the burroughs thing yet. i will soon probably. i'm trying out various avant-garde techniques, which is where this came from. not sure what i think of it overall. i am pleased and surprised by parts of it. other parts are, as ken points out, krap. what i think i will do in the future (and maybe i will rewrite this piece at some point) is utilize these techniques to get some raw "writing material" and refine them through the editing process. but we'll see. i'd lose certain things and gain certain things, will try stuff out and see.

how come i don't get any oranges? or mangoes, better yet.

9:53 PM

Blogger Lars Palm said...

relax all ye fruit diggers. i might just check out the hows & whats of exporting fruit. mangoes aren't native here, better to get them fresh from elsewhere, the same with cumquats (or at least i haven't seen any such growing here)

the link, by the way, is in this post or, if you prefer it here: http://luzmag.blogspot.com

3:14 AM


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